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Schools at least once a month to celebrate a khadi day.

"We recommend that schools across the country will observe a day of khadi wearing volunteering once a week / fortnight / month as the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi," CBSE Minister Anurag Thakur wrote in a letter sent to school administrators.

The Central Secondary Education Board (CBSE) has recommended that schools throughout the country practice khadi wearing on a voluntary basis at least once per month.

Mahatma Gandhi said that as nothing can khadi can bind us. He also had called on the country to wear and promote khadi to improve rural India's independence and sustainability.

Within the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, CBSE Secretary Anurag Thakur claimed in a letter to school leaders that schools around the country should observe a day of khadi-wear voluntarily once a week / fortnight / month.

Khadi was said to be India's heritage cloth which offered not only jobs for rural workers in the country, but also fostered peace and justice.

Khadi was a hand-twisted and hand-drawn skin-friendly device that left little carbon footprint. The letter added this.

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