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Why khadi is currently one of the most sustainable textiles

Khadi had a key role to play in the history of our nation–many of us learned how Gandhi made the spinning charkha a national symbol during the struggle for freedom. In order to embrace the old craft traditions of our country, he called a boycott of British textiles, the first being Khadi. Technically, khadi can refer to every natural fabric, whether it's cotton, silk, jute or wool, spun and hand-woven. Though moulding is important to the Indian market's apparel requirements, khadi is a precious art that is strongly interwoven with India's past. Above all, it is highly safe.

Historically, khadi played a role in helping India free itself from the rule of its colonisers. Today, it is part of the solution for the major environmental crisis the world is facing. With sustainable fashion now becoming part of mainstream conversations, Indian consumers have become open to embracing clothing made out of eco-friendly raw materials. Thus, various organisations, brands and designers are giving this humble fabric a modern makeover to keep it relevant in 2020. In fact, in the last few years, the textile has made incredible strides both commercially and aesthetically.

The product is also gaining recognition globally. This humble textile was on display in the 21 21 design view in Tokyo by Issey Miyake and again shown in the New York brand in 2019. The funky chic brand in khadi, influenced by school uniforms, accounts for almost 80 percent of its graphic clothing handwoven using khadi yarn in its 2019 Paris Fashion Week show. As part of its promotional strategies, KVIC has taken it to South Africa, Russia and New York (by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, at the 63rd Session of the Status of Women Commission).

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