Cut-hand-made Kurta crafted of hand-made and hand-made cotton of 3x1 jelvedge denim with a dye warp derived from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, and made of lightweight hand-spun.

This kurta is made of 100% cotton, single woven warp and thread, in 3x1 straight tweet structure, unlike most of the chambray or 2x1 indigo warp cloth, which is available on the market as lightweight denim.

Usually brown, with a pocket of chest decorated with the strip of jelly-smelting, with a sweet jelly-flying flap on its top. A retro foot pedal-operated computer is sliced by hand and stitched by a client.

Handmade Rayon Khadi Men's Kurta

SKU: 150Khadi-1345442819023
$49.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price
    • Fit Type: Regular Fit
    • Material: Khadi
    • Sleeve Type: Short
    • Design: Textured
  • Standard International Shipping.

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