Enjoy a scrub that not only exfoliates old and dead skin cells easily and gently, but also helps to create new skin cells. See the transformation of your face, of course.

This great has never been experienced by self-indulgence-go ahead and pamper yourself with a much-needed face scrub. The scrub is gentle and will not irritate sensitive skin, filled with the natural scent of classic sandalwood.

Khadi Face Care Combo

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  • We make a careful effort to ensure that all our products are a vegetarian of 100 percent. In the production process, no animal elements and products are used. Few products that use animal-derived ingredients, such as honey, have harvested the ingredient that has not caused any harm to the animal. The goods of the Khadi Shop are Cruelty-Free because we believe it is as needless as it is immoral to check animals. We use only the finest natural ingredients.

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