Khadi has established itself as one of the popular Ayurvedic, cruelty-free brands on the Indian market. I used the Khadi shampoo collection before, and I was quite happy with the results. I have mild to oily skin, which is becoming increasingly difficult to manage in extreme weather, such as scorching summers. In the past, I literally threw my money on expensive masks that claimed to reduce acne which sebum, and ended up causing acne to burst after the first few applications. This time, putting my trust in Khadi, I kindly ordered their Neem, Basil and Mint mask to fight off summer acne problems.

Khadi Herbal Face Mask (Neem, Basil & Mint) *Anti Acne* *100% PURE**

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    • Khadi Neem, Basil, and Mint face mask
    • Powdered form, to be mixed with water, milk or rosewater
    • Neem helps detoxify skin and is anti-bacterial
    • Mint cools and soothes the skin, preventing acne breakout
    • Reduces acne scar to a great extent
    • Suitable for oily skin
    • To be used once a week
    • Exfoliates the skin, leaving it glowing and smooth
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